Two houses apart dog

Hello everybody! My name is Sasha, here is my story! I live with my mother alone, dad threw us for a long time. My mother is very slim for his 36 years of age and not deprived of male attention, while her new husband did not find, she explained to me is that my dad loved and did not want another. We have two dogs: a Great Dane, named Don and sembirnar named Zeus. Once came across stories about bestiality porn and decided to try t. To. I am very fond of sperm and after each your masturbation I ate it all to the last drop, and try with the dogs was


Once I worked my anal freedom from Sashka's dad it's been about a week. The city full raging autumn. The last days of living out this crazy summer full of fucked and sperm. Apparently, not only I thought about it. Once, when I was sitting at Sasha, he suddenly offered to give me in the mouth on the balcony. And because they were the last days of warm, and exhibitionism woke up, I gladly accepted. He stripped themselves of unwanted clothes and we went out onto the balcony. I sat on the floor, his back leaning against the wall of the balcony and

About tickling - 4

On Friday called Julia. Anna listened to it a few minutes on the phone, and then says: - I like it a lot, but we need to talk to Oleg. I'll get back to you now. Borya, go to your room. I tried to eavesdrop, but Anya specifically said so softly that it was impossible to make out the words. I heard only that his brother said: - I think that's great, let's do so, I do not mind. I was allowed to enter, and sister called Julia: - Oleg your idea very much, but we have to say in advance Bora. I hear the voice of Julia: - Only on Tuesday morning. I

Helen. Part 1

In 16 years, Helen has been modest, unobtrusive, though attractive blonde. The eyes are large, blue, trusting. She wore glasses, her hair braided in a ponytail at the nape of funny. Studied not bad, the boys talked little (although she loved to flirt), believing that find their true love has received higher education. From the life of Helen wanted a faithful husband, a nice home, and the knowledge to help you somehow survive. She wanted to become a tour operator to sit in a comfortable office, clasped his feet on the desk, talking on the phone with

Night of Ivan Kupala

(This story is based on real events, names, numbers units and garrisons name changed) Part I. When I joined the military history club, I was a normal guy, drink, fight ... But communication with these people most of whom were pagans turned my idea a lot. After receiving the title of foreman 7 armor-clad infantry battalion, after hard testing, I was admitted to the private training. It turned out it's not that simple ... Summer. My centurion informed me that approaching a very important holiday - Ivan Kupala and you must honor the higher power

Week life in a brothel. Day six

So, dear readers, I come to the description of the penultimate day of my work in a brothel. After I wear out three figure, about which I wrote in the last story, I woke up in the morning at 8 o'clock, and went into the shower. It took a long time to put himself in order. Their sperm in large numbers was everywhere: on the chest, neck, face, hair. As I lay there in the night, she had time to dry and take on my body unpleasant solid crust. I've been stripped of my body being sprayed with warm water, trying to wash away the memories of last night.

Hot Summer

... At this time she was a little brunette, with graceful head and delicate features. He sat beside her on the couch and watering it with champagne. almost did not drink himself, he told her different nonsense and sometimes kissed her hands, near the ear, and her cleavage that came into the low-cut dress. Played medieval music and the window was a hot summer. ...Finally, she looked at her watch and said: - Undo I dress - and turned her back. - Very well, - he said he had a brilliant lock down, so that when the material is stretched razoshёlsya

First time

Hello. I would like to talk a little bit about yourself and your secret desires. For starters my name is Sasha, I'm 20 and I love wild sex. Although this has never worked with the girls. Not that I did not poluchalos, but just to me this does not pull. Once upon a time I had a friend. We always walked together and terribly wanted to fuck coh something, but as luck would have nothing worked and one day we were sitting in my house and watch porn. We just lay on the bed jerked off. One day he asked me to do this with him but I refused. And later, we

Melody for violin and two bows

Melody for violin and two bows. Story. (All events - Real) Part 1: the temptation Surprise A friend of Maxim for two weeks I left with my parents on vacation to her grandmother, and he did not know what to do with himself out of boredom. This Friday, he decided to visit his good old friend Oleg, with whom they were friends almost from childhood, and which he had not seen for more than a month. Oleg with his young wife Julia lived on the other side of town, where they had moved a year ago, just after her wedding. On the way, Maxim ran

Payback for the debt, as a first step towards prostitution. Part two.

... We drove up to the house. For we are going to the staircase and took the elevator to the desired floor. While climbing, Maxim clenched my pussy, running his hand under her skirt. They stopped at the door and rang the bell Max. The door was opened by a tall, strong body adding guy. He shook hands with Max, and taking me searching look, invited us to enter. The room we were greeted by another man than like Mr. and one that opened the door for us. Opening the door was a brunette, and was in the room - a blonde. So I will call them throughout the