Oh, it's student days

It all started with my income in one of the capital's universities. Weirdly did not want to wander out of the area, so we decided to shoot my classmate odnushku close to the place of training, especially because our mothers are working together. Traditional boring things on pairs alternated exercise, where we ran and passed all sorts of standards. Boys more from school would not let me pass, but I constantly met with one, and now here it was necessary to put the relationship on pause because of his foolish dreams of a career military man. He was

It is not everyday after school blowjob

CHAPTER 1: Spring Morning On the street it was a warm spring day that was to be expected for the middle of April, although the night was still cool. The snow has long melted, the earth has had time to dry out and warm up the warm sunshine, and the buds on the trees have a week to become a more fresh, tender leaves, which are so pleasing to their views and gave a warm mood all indifferent. Outside the window blew in the spring, when there is a heat in the midst of July, but no longer freezes the ground, as in the beginning of March. And I wanted to

My Spain (Part 2)

Sasha began asking about our relationship, and Glory briefly told that I was the only constant and his girlfriend, and he's our first experiment of this kind. And Sasha admitted that he had long dreamed of such an adventure, but do not even think that can meet such otvyaznyh and relaxed, like me. I have collected all kinds of snacks on the terrace and we had only to open the wine. Uncork the bottle, I thank poured by the glass, and sat down on the sofa near the table, and Sasha is situated in the chair to his right. They were both in dressing

Shelter Red Roses. dedication

This story took place to be in a small mountain town in England, in the mid-eighteenth century. Therefore, I ask you to imagine the rolling hills drowning in the fog at any time of the day, except at noon, gray and unremarkable, except for rare trees growing curves. The town, with a one-story brick houses with tiled roofs, occasionally two floors, surrounded by a small stone wall. And people who walk about on it for their own affairs. Men in this rainy season, prefer a light coat and a hat-cylinder, while the women wear bonnets concealing hair and

My adventure in the village (part 3)

The next two days we worked hard as a damn. At Batey grab back, and he faded safely home. In the evening of the second day and left the youngest aunt and her husband. After a day of work, when we waved to handle family, mom offered in the evening to go to the river. The eldest aunt refused and we went to Troy. On the bank made a fire, they gave the fat and vegetables and started chatting to use his aunt's home brew. Probably from fatigue us much worn out, and we quickly drunk. Mom glanced at me with interest, her eyes on the fucking moon

Fanfic for adventure Olga and Andrei

Feet girl trembling in anticipation of his penetration. Brunette enticing looks at Andrew, licks his lips tongue. Beads of sweat glisten on her body with small drops of desire seeping through the skin. Swarthy hip, sharp chest. He stands and looks at her. Where is he? Why is he here? Room kind of strange, and she ... "Andrew! Andrew! "She would have beckoned, but her hands were handcuffed to the headboard. - Who did it? - Andrei thought. Just like in a fog. Why am I here? The girl starts to twitch, leaning forward, moaning and asking:

Island Guardian purpura

I have been to those places. Grim, gray edges, where there is nothing but scorched earth and fire of the old, dilapidated castle. And I saw him, the growth of twice the ordinary man, dressed in black spiked armor, a helmet with mighty branched antlers of metal - Lord of these lands. Guardian purpura, the most mysterious of flowers, the most sacred and mystical. I beheld him, and was his guest. About that, I'll take the story. My poor, my trusty ship. I remember when you just born in the hands of artists as you collected the logs as you came out


With the Army, I met, friendly cheerful company. Every evening, we gathered in the suburbs, in the gazebo, next to the field. During the time that I have trodden boots, guys escaped my fate, grew up. A girl blossomed. It appeared in our company and the new girl. She moved to our yard, just on the day of my call. Oksana, a tall, slender girl with blue eyes. At eighteen, not similar to the other girls. Quiet, modest, silent. She would be more appropriate to sit in the square, on the bench, and flipping a volume of Pushkin. Although the stories of

Winter sex

It was a sunny, frosty day. We spent the whole day snowboarding. It was getting dark ... The weather was becoming tougher, and you managed to fall in the snow and very cold. We immediately went home. When you came into the room, then immediately wrapped in a warm blanket. I made you compress the start, after some time brought the massage oil and began rubbing your elastic body. Hands slid first over her shoulders, her back, then gently moved to the lower back, massaging the dimples just above the elastic, athletic ass. I wrapped you in a blanket,

Alphonse (Part 3)

Pavlik got out of the taxi and called the intercom. The electronic lock clicked, and the gate was opened, inviting Man to enter. On the threshold, he was met by the first client, a woman in a simple gray suit, at the age of fifty. After a chic dinner, Paul and Maria Petrovna, sitting by the fireplace. Man drinking whiskey, mulled wine and the woman. The conversation dragged on, and Maria Petrovna, all told about their lives and suddenly crumbling legacy. Paul openly stated that time is running out, and it's time to get down to business. The